Canadian Council on Podiatric Medical Education


Who We Are & What We Do...


The Canadian Council on Podiatric Medical Education (CCPME) is an autonomous accrediting body for podiatric medical education in Canada. It derives its authority from its recognition by the 10 Canadian provinces, 3 Territories and the Canadian Podiatric Medical Association. The CCPME is empowered to develop and adopt standards and policies as necessary for the implementation of all aspects of accreditation, approval, and recognition of podiatric medicine.

The council has final authority for the accreditation of Canadian colleges of podiatric medicine, the approval of fellowships and residency programs, and sponsors of continuing education, as well as the recognition of specialty certifying boards for podiatric medical practice in Canada.




Director of Continuing Education

Dr. Howard Green



Director of Communications

Dr. Joseph Stern




Dr. Michael Choi